France Football apologizes to Iniesta because of Ballon d’OR award


In their latest edition, the prestigious magazine “France Football” has apologized to Barcelona legend Andres Iniestas they never awarded him the Ballon d’Or.

Editor Pascal Ferre wrote an article titled “Forgive Us Andres”, in which they apologized for “a democratic anomaly,” reports 9sport.

The editorial honored the Spanish football wizard’s work and career and left it open to raise this prize in 2018 if he does have a good tournament in the Russia World Cup.

Among the compliments for the Spanish midfielder in this article – who this week will make the decision to transfer to China at the end of the season – are also for the intelligence shown in the field.


“Iniesta has proved that the brain is definitely the most important thing when it comes to champions,” Ferre wrote.

“Iniestas’ talent is to invent for others. Without him, Messi would get tired much faster in Barcelona. His altruism has deprived him from individual prices. ” Among the biggest names missing on the Golden Ball list, his name is killing me the most, “he wrote.