Mohamed Salah feels offended

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has said he is offended by Egypt’s Football Federation because they are not representing his image rights.

Liverpool winger has appeared in a team photo on Egypt’s official airplane, secured by the official sponsor WE.

Salah, who is the top scorer of the Premier League this season, has personal arrangements for sponsorship with WE’s telecoms rival, Vodafone.

On Saturday, Salah’s agent Rammy Abbas wrote on Twitter about this situation: “Nor have we been contacted to find a solution. Nothing! Total silence! What is the plan? We will see more and more billboards and advertisements that we have never authorized! What impact is this having on them? Good? However, this should be fixed. ”

Salah has also raised the issue on a Twitter status in Arabic, which he posted on Sunday: “I’m sorry but this is a big offense … I was hoping the deal would be more classy than that”