10 players who have played for Barcelona and Real Madrid

On Sunday, football fans will watch one of their favorite matches, another great ‘classic’ between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The rivalry of these two Spanish clubs exceeds the national dimension and the euphoria of fans is the same throughout the world.

But no matter how tough the rivalry between these two clubs has not restrained the players two join the other rival.

Before the next match we are bringing the 10 best-known footballers who have played with Barcelona and Real T-shirts.

Luis Figo – Barcelona 249 matches

Luis Figo – Real Madrid 239 matches

Bernd Schuster – Barcelona 238 matches

Bernd Schuster – Real Madrid 86 matches

Ronaldo – Barcelona 49 matches

Ronaldo – Real Madrid : 177 matches

Julen Lopetegui – Barcelona 5 matches / Real Madrid 1 match

Robert Prosinecki – Real Madrid 73 maches

Robert Prosinecki – Barcelona 23 matches

Javier Saviola – Barcelona 168 matches

Javier Saviola – Real Madrid 29 matches

Gheorghe Hagi – Real Madrid 84 matches

Gheorghe Hagi – Barcelona 51 matches

Samuel Eto’o – Real Madrid 6 matches

Samuel Eto’o – Barcelona  199 matches

Luis Enrique – Real Madrid 213 matches

Luis Enrique – Barcelona 300 matches

Michael Laudrup – Barcelona 216 matches

Michael Laudrup – Real Madrid 76 matches