Lights off, silence stabs the stadium, only one person stands on the field: Andres Iniestas’s latest moments at Cam Nou

While Camp Nou was empty and players and staff left during the evening, a lonely figure was left alone in the Camp Nou field.

Andres Iniesta, after 22 years of service at the Catalan club in Barcelona, ​​stood alone in the center of the field to give the farewell to the club that he gave much in his career.

Initially, after the end of the party, a DJ performed for ten minutes and then the microphone finally passed to the man with a million passes.

Iniesta was in tears after showing a video of the best moments of the past 15 seasons in the Catalan club.

“These have been 22 years unbelievable and it has been a great honor to defend the colors of this club. For me is the best club in the world, “he said.

“I want to thank any of my teammates and everyone who supported me at the stadium. I just want to say that my heart will be here forever, “said the Spaniard.

Iniesta with the title of the Spanish champion moved along the stadium, while Barcelona players celebrated with their families in the field.