Klopp names ‘three dominant clubs in the last few years’

“There have been three dominant clubs in the last few years – Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern. We face one of them in the final so who should be the favourite? I have no problem with the situation. It’s not that I want to be the underdog, I don’t feel like an underdog.

“But, yes, they are favourites, they know everything, they could write the script for the final because they have experienced it four times in the last five years. We can’t but no problem with that. We want to play and win a football game.

“In the end it will be a test: what’s bigger, the desire to win a third one in a row or the desire to win the first one for some years? Real have almost exactly the same line-up from winning it before. A lot of their players won the last two finals and that’s really rare.

“This has been the Real Madrid Champions League generation. They will want to do it again. It would be big, 100 per cent. If we did it, it would be big too.”