Josep Bartomeu hopes Griezmann deal goes through

Barcelona president reflects on the club’s transfers and budget policy
• Bartomeu confirms he wants to see Griezmann at Barcelona

• He explains that the club needs more money for players’ salaries

“Griezmann? I can not say anything about this issue, we have great respect for other clubs. in July we will start talking with Atlético Madrid. We like great players to wear Barca colours, I hope the deal does go through.”

“Sell in order to sign? The problem of Barca is the wage bill, that is why we have to continue looking for new ways to gain revenue.”

Bartomeu plays down the popular rumours about Leo Messi’s influence on club’s transfer decisions:

“It is not true that Messi or other players tell us which coaches or players we should sign.”

The president concluded his interview by assessing the season: “This season is a 9 for me, it’s not a 10 but I think we’ve had an excellent season.”