This is how much Real Madrid will earn from Champions League

The Champions League has been good to Real Madrid as, aside from their on-pitch exploits, they stand to make over 300 million euros from the competition.

In 2013, after falling at the semifinal stage, Real secured 48.4m euros both for its sporting merits and for the ‘market pool.’

Should they win their 13th Champions League title, they’ll collect just under 100m, of which 64m corresponds to sporting merits and the rest for the distribution of audiovisual rights by UEFA.

La Decima ended a 12-year drought and with it came a 65m euro bounty.

In 2016, when Real lifted their 11th title against Atletico Madrid, 80m went to their club coffers.

The victory in Cardiff saw Los Blancos receive 81.05m, which was broken down as 12m for participating, 6.6m for their sporting performance, 26m for the ‘market pool,’ and 35.6m for winning the Champions League.

Juventus exceeded 100m euros because of the television and marketing distribution benefits for Italian clubs.

Real Madrid have gone on to lead the historic ranking of the highest continental competition in terms of earnings, which until recently was dominated by Bayern Munich, a team that, like Juve, benefitted from the limited role of the German teams, which makes the television rights payments higher.