Tuchel started the ‘clean up’, will self half of the defense

Thomas Tuchel is the new coach of PSG and is already thinking for the next season.
The German manager has visited the Paris club training facilities and has now begun to guide his staff how to operate in the French capital, but not just that.

Tuchel has also selected players who are not part of his plans. There are 4 names in the list. The first is Brazilian Dani Alves. The 35-year-old moved to Paris last summer, but his future will not continue to be in the city of Paris. Another player who is out of the German trainer’s preferences is Lyvin Kurzawa.

The French national footballer has played as starter in 20 meetings under Emery, but for Tuchel is not an indispensable player. The names that fill in the black list are Thomas Meunier and Yuri Berchiche.

What is noticeable is that the 4 players are part of the defensive life, so it is clear that in the analysis of Thomas Tuchel, defense has been the weakest point of PSG.

The 44-year-old will also make changes in organizational terms, starting from offices, gymnasiums and fields. “I’m German, I like to have everything in order,” Tuchel said.