Cristiano Ronaldo’s night to become a legend


At 33 years of age, Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself in the sixth Champions League final of his career this Saturday against Liverpool.

While previously playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo found himself in two finals which had two different outcomes.

One was a sweet victory against Chelsea in 2008, and the other an agonising defeat to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona in 2009.

However, after the switch from red to white, his latest finals have all ended with victory.

He began rewriting his story in Lisbon in 2014 by scoring a goal that helped Los Blancos defeat rivals Atletico and he then went ahead to score the decisive penalty against Atletico again during the 2016 final in Milan.


On top of that, he scored a brace that assisted his team to lift the Duodecima in Cardiff just last year.

Being a four-time winner of the most prized club title, Ronaldo aspires to be cemented as a Real Madrid legend alongside Alfredo Di Stefano, who claimed five European Cup wins at the club.

This Saturday, Ronaldo has the opportunity to achieve that legendary status, but to fully understand his true historical dimension in Madrid will require the perspective of time.

The era of this dominant Real Madrid, belongs to him.