Ronaldo makes it clear: I shouldn’t talk, but I don’t regret, I’m honest and something will happen

Cristiano Ronaldo has not guaranteed that his future belongs to Real Madrid, although he admitted that last night was not the right moment to say those words.

The Portuguese superstar admits he shouldn’t talk about the future immediately after Real Madrid’s triumph in the Champions League final against Liverpool.

“I talked even though I did not have to talk, but something will happen,” Ronaldo said several hours after saying he was delighted to play at Real Madrid.

“It was not the right time, but I was honest. I do not speak much, but when I speak, I speak. Of course I have something to say, but it was not the right time even though I did not regret it. What happened? You keeps it and keep it, but then comes a moment when you lose control, “added Ronaldo.

Although there is contract with Real until 2021, Ronaldo has said he can not guarantee he will be in Madrid next season.

“I can not guarantee anything. I do not hide. I will speak in the days ahead, “he said.

“Life is not just glory. I speak and salute him [the president of Madrid Florentino Perez], as a professional I am, “he added.