Real Madrid’s summer of uncertainty: Who will leave and who will join?

Only Real Madrid could win the Champions League for the fourth time in five years and then spend the next few days debating who will be leaving the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo has already back-pedalled on his limelight-hogging bombshell about being off this summer.

Gareth Bale’s threat to leave if he does not play more seems to have been more serious. And the likes of Isco, Eden Hazard, Keylor Navas and Neymar are still being linked to a move in or out of the Santiago Bernabeu.

Sportsmail looks at how each scenario is likely to play out between now and the start of the new season.


It was peak Cristiano when, after a quiet final in which the other two members of the BBC forward got the goals, he very deliberately suggested it could be his last game.

If it was designed to turn the spotlight back on him it worked – supporters and team-mates sung his name at Sunday night’s celebration in the Santiago Bernabeu and all the headlines on Monday morning echo what they were singing: ‘Cristiano stay’.

He told fans at one of the four trophy receptions on Sunday that he would be ‘back next year’.

There will be talks in the next few days regarding a new contract and a pay rise and it’s hard to see him moving anywhere.

He wants that sixth Champions League and he has more chance of winning it with Madrid than at PSG who would be the only club who could pay the wages he wants.


Bale’s promise to leave if he didn’t get assurances over his future seemed to have far more substance to it and does not appear to be something about to be brushed away with the ticker-tape that covered the Santiago Bernabeu pitch on Sunday night.

Bale deserved to start the final. He was as fit as he had been at any time since he arrived at the club and he was the team’s most inform forward. In the same circumstances there is no way Ronaldo or Karim Benzema would have been left out.

With four Champions Leagues Bale wants the same treatment. His representatives will meet with the club in the coming weeks and they will be told that Real Madrid do not want to lose Bale.

The ball is teetering on the top of the net at the moment and it will fall one side or the other depending on who comes in for him. It’s easy to say ‘Bale wants out’ but without a buying club there is no exit.

Of the top five clubs in England Tottenham and Liverpool cannot afford him, Chelsea would also struggle financially. Manchester City don’t see him as a priority and while he has been a United target in the past their priorities lie elsewhere since signing Alexis Sanchez in January. That could change.

Knowing that this summer they really could get Bale who has previously rejected their advances, might alter those priorities. If so, then his departure could be on.


Paris Saint-Germain remain confident their Brazilian is going nowhere, at least not this summer.

In 2019 a clause in his contract kicks-in which effectively gives him a buy-out clause of 222m euros. Then it’s game on and a switch with Ronaldo could also be brought back on to the table.

This summer he would be far more expensive for Madrid and having just finished the season making history there is no pressure on president Florentino Perez to move heaven and earth to sign him.


If Bale leaves then Hazard becomes a priority. He has indicated to the club that he is interested in joining.

Chelsea’s position is weakened by being out of the Champions League and Madrid have the resources.

Zidane is a fan, although he is also well aware that he already has his work cut out keeping all of his forwards happy so it’s hard to see how another one could be brought in if no one leaves.

Last January when Madrid’s season was in ruins he was ‘high priority’. Now campaign has ended with fireworks and civic receptions, less so.

As president Perez said on Saturday night: ‘It is hard to improve on this squad.’ But if Bale goes he moves a lot closer to Madrid.


He certainly has a market. But selling him would be hugely unpopular, especially if he has a good World Cup for Spain.

He was all hugs and smiles with Zidane during the celebrations on Sunday and despite stories suggesting a raid from Manchester City, Guardiola is not interested in paying what it would cost to bring him to the Etihad.


With so much attention on his opposite number Loris Karius, Navas’ performance was largely forgotten.

He did as much as anyone to keep Madrid in the game during Liverpool’s best spells and has more than played his part in the club’s European success. He now has three Champions Leagues – as many as Iker Casillas.

Zidane is a big fan and the club will now sign a keeper to compete with him as opposed to replace him.

It remains to be see whether that means a younger, cheaper signing or if Belguim and Chelsea’s No 1 Thibaut Courtois could still be an option.