Former Barcelona player: “I would not be surprised if Neymar goes to Madrid”

Neymar transfer to Real Madrid would not be a surprise according to former Barcelona midfielder Gaizka Mendieta.
The Brazilian star, Neymar, has been linked with a move to the Champions League winner after just one season at Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar has rejected this speculations. Zinedine Zidane before leaving Real Madrid, had said that the Brazilian striker could go very well with Cristiano Ronaldo at Santiago Bernabeu, although nothing is known about the fate of The 33-year-old Portuguese who can leave after nine seasons in Madrid.

“I would not be surprised if Neymar signed for Real Madrid,” Mendieta said.

“He is a player who can see Real Madrid as a new challenge in his career, and if he does, he will do everything he can to finish there. I insist I would not be surprised if he does this. ”

He also talked about the transfer of Figo years ago from Barça to Real, but he thinks Neymar’s case is completely different.

“I think Figo’s signing with Real Madrid was difficult for Barcelona fans, more than it may be Neymar’s case. He was the captain, the most important player for Barcelona. Neymar went to PSG initially, “said Mendieta.

“We will see if you he joins Madrid, see if Ronaldo is there too. Neymar is a great player but when you see back and think the way Figo left, that means a lot. I do not think we will see something like that for many years, “said Mendieta, among other things, who also played for Valencia, Lazio, Middlesbrough and other clubs. /