Mourinho: Do not forget Messi and Ronaldo

Mourinho says Argentina and Portugal can surprise in World Cup, as they have Lionel Messi, respectively Cristiano Ronaldo.
Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has talked about the World Cup that will start this month in Russia, listing the teams that, according to him, will surprise.

Manchester United said that Argentina and Portugal could achieve good results, while he also said that there is still time for him to manage national team.

“World Cup excite me because that is not just football. Events are the same as the Olympic games, which have an incredible impact on the social level. Although I personally think that football is not better there, because in clubs there is more time, it is still thrilling. I think Argentina and Portugal will make surprises, as Messi and Ronaldo are able to do more than their respective selections. Portugal won the European, and is capable of everything. Then we have Brazil, with strong defense and talent, “he said.