Neymar: Not worried about numbers, they are better than me!

Neymar is one goal away to reach the third best scorer in Brazil’s history.
Neymar has said he is not focused on breaking the records of Romario, Ronaldo and Pele to become the best scorer in Brazil’s history.

After the goal against Croatia, where Neymar returned after three months of injury, he scored his 54th goal with same as Seleçao, just one away from legend, Romario, who scored 55 goals with Brazil.

Before Romario are; Ronaldo, 62 goals and Pele 77, but Neymar says he is not thinking about the record …

“There is no fight to become Brazil’s top scorer,” Neymar said. “I think they are just numbers.”

“They are my idols who have been here before me, and as we talk about idols, I will never be better than them.”

“So I respect them all, Romario, Zico, Ronaldo, Pele … Because they are my idols. It’s just a number, “Neymar added.