Liverpool fans demand Champions League final replay for Karius concussion


After medical tests in the US, doctors say the Liverpool goalkeeper was suffering concussion during the match in Kiev, a fact which might explain his terrible gaffes.

According to doctors in the US, Liverpool goalkeeper Karius was likely suffering from concussion during the Champions League final against Real Madrid in Kiev at the end of last month. Liverpool lost the match 3-1, with two terrible mistakes from Karius being key to the defeat.

While the doctors have not specified when the concussion might have occurred, a collision with Sergio Ramos, with the score still at 0-0 is being seen as many as the cause of the head trauma.


Some Liverpool fans are now demanding the match be replayed, and sending tweets to both Uefa and Real Madrid to that effect, although such is the nature of twitter, some of these may have been tongue in cheek.

As is often the case in these kind of situations a page has been set up to collect signatures for a petition. So far the petition is not proving that popular, with just six people having signed at the time of publishing.

It is unlikely the game will actually be replayed.