Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nike & Neymar problem: Man United offer confirmed

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar

One of the big stories in Spanish daily El Confidencial on Wednesday is Cristiano Ronaldo’s ongoing career at Real Madrid.

Will Ronaldo still be a Real Madrid player in 2018-19?

As soon as Real Madrid beat Liverpool in the Champions League final, Cristiano set off alarm bells about his future.

Ronaldo confirmed that he intends to make a public statement about his next career move, opening up the possibility that he leaves Los Blancos.

At the same time, rumours linking Neymar with Real Madrid refuse to go away. According to El Confidencial, those Neymar rumours have upset Ronaldo.

Sharing the Nike spotlight

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have commercial contracts with Nike.

Indeed, El Confidencial claim that Neymar is Cristiano Ronaldo’s “number one opponent” at Nike.

If Neymar were to join Real Madrid, how would take affect the relationship between Nike and Ronaldo?

El Confidencial argue that Cristiano would be incredibly angry if he had “to share (his Nike) clothes with the Brazilian.”

Right now Cristiano is the standard bearer of Nike in the fashion world. What would happen if Neymar shared a poster with Ronaldo? (Ronaldo), economically, would lose.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid’s broken promises

After outlining the Neymar issues, El Confidencial also flag up the narrative that Real Madrid have broken promises to Ronaldo.

Florentino Perez is accused of having told Jorge Mendes and Cristiano that he will get a significant pay raise, yet no such agreement has been finalised.

For the record, Leo Messi earns 55 million euros net a season. Ronaldo earns 21 million euros, while Neymar nets 38 million euros at PSG.

Confirmed: Manchester United’s offer

So what’s next for Cristiano Ronaldo? Could he make a sensational move back to Manchester United?

El Confidencial close out their article with the following claim:

In the midst of this bittersweet pain, the Portuguese agent (Jorge Mendes) has received a comforting call from Manchester United.

At the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ continue to remember Cristiano, and (Manchester United) are more than willing to make a heavy investment to complete the return of their prodigal son.

Cristiano has not answered the offer. Still. He is still waiting for a gesture from Florentino. And he will speak. His words will not leave anyone indifferent.