Zidane signed with this team for amazing 200M?

Zidane touched the hearts of fans of Real Madrid when he said he would leave the direction of the madrilene bank, but the ultimate discovery seemed to explain everything.

According to sources from Qatar Zidane will be in charge of the Qatar squad during the World Cup in 2022 and the world media report that he has accepted the crazy bid made by the football federation of this country.
Zidane has signed a four-year contract against 50m euros in the season with Qatar. At the end of four years he puts in full 200 million euros.

With this figure, Zidane broke the record of 26 million euros in Mourinho’s season becoming the first coach in the world to pay that way.

Most paid trainers:

Zidane (50m)
Mourinho (26m)
Lippi (22m)
Simeone (21m)
Guardiola (20m)
Cannavaro (15m).