Cristiano: “In football everything is possible”


Ronaldo believes Portugal can go far to the World Cup.

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that the European champion is not a favorite and is far from the best teams in the World Cup, but has said that in football everything can happen and to succeed in Russia, they should turn their head back and watch the triumph at Euro 2016.

“We know we are not a favorite, we must be realistic, but in football everything is possible,” Ronaldo said.

“We need to think match after the match. The first match at the group stage will be very difficult, but we all have to think about big things and I’m confident we will do our best. ”


“What I can say is that we will try to act like that (Euro 2016), to fight and keep the hope that everything is possible in football,” added Ronaldo, Portugal’s top scorer and scorer.

“Step by step we will see what will happen, what will bring this competition to us. It’s a privilege to represent Portugal in this race. ”

“We will give our best and we will see what we will get from this,” added among others Ronaldo.

Portugal launches the World Cup against Spain on June 15, and then faces Morocco (June 19th) and Iran (June 25th).