El Chiringuito: Cristiano feels betrayed by Florentino Perez

“The situation between Ronaldo and Real Madrid is tense, is worse than ever,” said Edu Aguirre at El Chiringuito de Jugones.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s close friend, Edu Aguirre, has returned from Portugal where he stayed for a few days after Cristiano joining the National team and after meeting with Real Madrid representatives.

He in “El Chiringuito de Jugones” said Ronaldo wants to stay in Madrid, but is disappointed with club president Florentino Perez.

According to Edu, all this trouble is created due to Perez.

“Firstly, I want to say that Cristiano wants to continue with Madrid. The truth is that he is Madridista and wants to continue. More than ever before, he feels support from fans, teammates, “Edu said.

“But Cristiano Ronaldo is disappointed with Perez. Ronaldo feels betrayed by Florentino Perez. Ronaldo thinks that what is happening is a strategy for to make him leave. Ronaldo feels tat they do not want him in Real Madrid. Ronaldo believes that Perez wants him ouy. A few months ago, the club has told Ronals that they are happy with him, with his numbers, the history he is writing and that he will earn 30 million euros, “Edu continued.

“Yesterday, as I told after the meeting between the player and the Real representatives, things are wors.”

“At this meeting, Real’s proposal was the opposite. They do not offer what they promised, but it’s just a little more than what they are giving now. ”

“Ronaldo sees this as disrespectful. A ridiculous offer after giving everything for Real Madrid.. That’s why, Ronaldo is very disappointed because he thinks it is a strategy to get him away, he thinks Perez does not want him in Madrid. The situation is tense, worse than ever, “added Aguirre.