Lucas Vazquez has gone and ruined everything


Arsenal’s transfer window has been so magically realistic and plausible. And then Lucas Vazquez stepped in and ruined everything.

There has been so much about this supposedly limited transfer window that has been amazing. Arsenal have a limited budget, with very little to offer players in terms of immediate glory, but they’ve been setting up their targets and knocking them down.

We were linked to Stephan Lichtsteiner – boom, done. We were linked to Bernd Leno – boom, done. Lucas Torreira and Sokratis are both expected, but neither has been announced, so I won’t give them the ‘boom, done,’ but be sure you play it in your head when they are announced.

For as limited as this transfer window has looked, the Gunners have been showing a tremendous ability to identify solutions and scoop them up with no time wasted.

It’s so unlike the old days. The old days when we were gloriously linked to everyone under the sun, from Edinson Cavani to Isco, knowing that we would never get the deal done.

And when there was a blockbuster move on the table, it would take weeks, if not months, to truly lock them up. Transfer windows used to be stressful, thinking about all the players we need, but would never get.

This summer transfer window was going differently. So much differently. And then Lucas Vazquez had to step into our consciousness and ruin everything.


Vazquez is such a perfect solution. A squad player at Real Madrid who undoubtedly wants more for himself, but will have trouble breaking through a loaded Los Blancos, Vazquez totaled eight goals and nine assists in around 2500 minutes played across all competitions.

He’s a solution to the winger issue, and probably one of the better options out there. And Unai Emery surely knows that.

Reports indicate that Emery has identified Vazquez as a top-tier candidate for what he wants to do with this club, and boy, you have to admire Emery’s ability to pick them out.

And, assuming this report is true, you have to hate his ability to pick out guys that we just know aren’t going to happen.

Vazquez is contracted until 2021, and Real Madrid have made it so painfully clear that they are not going to sell him and weaken the team. Not when they struggled so hard in La Liga last year. It would be foolish.

Meaning that there is literally zero chance of acquiring Vazquez given the limited financial capabilities that the club is boasting this summer. Meaning he is the first target to pop up this summer who I just had to shake my head at. Don’t make me dream anymore. Just give me the reality.