Mancini: “Only Brazil better than Italy”

Roberto Mancini says only Brazli is better than Italy at the World Cup.
This is the only edition of the World Cup that Italy has not taken part in the last 60 years, but Mancini has said I’m still not impressed by any World Cup team in Russia.

“Judging by the games I’ve seen so far, apart from Brazil, I have not seen any team better than us,” Mancini told Channel 5.

“Every time I meet an Italian, they tell me that we would have made it in Russia, seeing the teams that are there, and I agree with that. It is disappointing to see the World Cup without Italy. ”

“We must have the enthusiasm for the National Team and everyone must sail to the same ship.”

“I found a group of players who want to win. Hope everyone is playing regularly so they can grow as players in the next two years. ”