Another football star on his way to join Seria A

La Repubblica reports that Chelsea can use Cesc Fabregas’ card to close the deal with Napoli for Maurizio Sarrin and Jorginho.

According to this newspaper, President Aurelio De Laurentiis is the one who wants Fabregas and believes he will enter the talks.

“Carlo Ancelotti would be comfortable with the experience that the Spanish player has,” said De Laurentis.

However there are still unclear things about this trasnfer, as it is not known that the 31-year-old’s involvement on this transfer will bring down the deal’s price that is currently 65m euros.

This is price that is expected to transfer Maurizio Sarri and Jorginho at Chelsea.

Fabregas was also linked with Serie A as he has been linked to clubs like Milan and Inter in recent years.

Napoli is making some changes in the squad, where the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti will improve the team.