Luis Enrique: “I would tell them Madrid players that I love them very much

Luis Enrique is preparing to start his first job after leaving Barcelona in 2017.

“I am very excited, after having the opportunity to defend the shirt of the national team and suffer with it,” the coach told Cuatro. “I am happy and very excited to have the opportunity to be a coach now.”

“I know that criticism is something attached to any position in our country and I’m ready for it,” he added.

Many have accused Enrique of being unfair and rude towards Spanish media as well as bein anti-Real Madrid. The manager had an answer regarding both issues.

“I will treat you [the media] as you deserve. I am 48 and it is difficult to change, I am happy with what I have done so far and I will not change.”

“I would tell them [Madrid players] that I love them very much and I am open to give my best version.”