Juventus’ daily plan for Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation on Monday

Juventus will open the Allianz stadium for fans in the presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday, while a fans will celebrate all the day.

Portuguese star signed for the Bianconeri for the value of 100 million euros and on Monday will come to Turin for medical tests and presentation.

According to the newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport published this morning, the club plans a full day of celebration, the time is not yet fully defined.

Today, there will be meetings to be held with the police to ensure public order, but of course the stadium will be open for the fans.

This will be the first time that Juventus Stadium will opened the doors for player’s presentation since it was opened in 2012.

Police will be in J-Medical to ensure order and security when Ronaldo arrives for medical tests.

After the press conference, CR7 is expected to address the fans, and than they will fly back for vacation in Greece.

However, a luxury hotel is booked in the center of Turin for the Portuguese and his staff.