Cristiano Ronaldo back in Madrid to say his goodbyes

His holidays in Greece now over, Cristiano and family returned to the Spanish capital to say goodbye to friends and tie up any loose ends before flying to Turin on Monday.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Madrid for a few hours. The Portuguese ace has finished his holidays in Greece and returned to the Spanish capital on Friday evening to tie up a few personal matters and collect his belongings before he sets off to Italy next week.

Moving house, Monday presentation in Turin

The ex-Real Madrid player flew from Kalamata airport directly to Madrid-Barajas. Cristiano will spend the weekend in Madrid to oversee the removal of his belongings in La Finca before he flies out to Turin on Monday. He’ll make the most of his final weekend in Madrid to say his goodbyes to friends, team mates and club employees. Cristiano will be presented at Juventus on Monday evening on a four-year deal.

Press conference at Juventus stadium

Cristiano will give a press conference at his new club on Monday at 18:30 hours local time, but there will be no extravagant presentation at Juventus Stadium, as many had expected – the Italian club will present their new signing in exactly the same way they do for all new arrivals.

Cristiano will arrive in Turin on Monday morning, then undergo a medical revision before being shown around the club’s installations. At 18:30, he will hold his first press conference, in the Giovanni e Umberto Agnelli press room. After that he will have a day or two to rest before starting work with Allegri’s squad.