According to Forbes, this is the best paid footballer!

Forbes magazine announced on Thursday the list of the world’s best paid athletes in 2016, led by Portuguese international Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo with an annual income of 88 million. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the table of athletes immediately ahead of the Argentine striker of Barcelona Lionel Messi, who earn 81.4 million.

The Madrid striker reached that amount thanks to the 56 million he earned thanks to his salaries and the 32 million he achieved through advertising contracts. The list includes a total of 100 names and Real Madrid, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and James Rodríguez, and Barcelona, ​​with Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez, have triple representation among the athletes with more income on the planet.

Among the 10 best paid, apart from Cristiano and Messi, are also Lebron James (77.2 million dollars), Roger Federer (67.8), Kevin Durant (56.2), Novak Djokovic (55.8), Cam Newton (53.1), Phil Mickelson (52.9), Jordan Spieth (52.8) and Kobe Bryant (50). In addition, Forbes magazine also publishes the list of the most important representation agencies and, Gestifute, company of Jorge Mendes, representative of Cristiano Ronaldo, occupies the number 8 of the list with its 91 clients and with a total commission amount that amounts To $ 72.7 million. The first of the list is the American CAA (Creative Artist Agency), which works with 441 customers and achieved 290.6 million dollars in commissions throughout the year 2016.