Douglas Costa: It is Impossible to follow Cristiano Ronaldo in training!


Douglas Costa together with his team mates is lucky to train with the best football player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo with his hard work and dedication and in training has surprised a lot of big players in the other clubs where he has played before .

One week ago he started training in his new club Juventus, where he is training with his new teammates Dybala, Cuardado, Costa and others who played in the World Cup.

Costa is one of the players who is impressed with Ronaldo’s hardwork and dedication in training.


Douglas Costa said: “It is impossible to follow Cristiano Ronaldo in training. When we arrive, he is already training, when we leave he is still training, I have never seen a player like that!”

Ronaldo is 33 years old but we all know his physical form he is always at top form and we hope to see him in top form this season also with his new team Juventus.