La Liga Official statement: Decidion made for the game Cleta vs Real Madrid

Official, the match between Celta Vigo and Real Madrid scheduled to be played on Sunday, has been postponed to an unspecified date.

This is the official statement:

Official statement:

According to the report issued from the city hall in Vigo, they consider that the Balaidos stadium is not safe for spectators or for players to attend the game on Sunday, the fifth of February 2017, which corresponds to Matchday 21 of LaLiga Santander: Real Club Celta – Real Madrid CF. As a result, LaLiga and Real Club Celta have forwarded this report to the RFEF.

LaLiga will propose possible dates for the game to be played listening to the opinions of the clubs and the television broadcasters, so the president of the RFEF can decide, as per the procedure stated in the federative agreement articles 239, 240 and 241 to fix a new date for a postponed game, that is usually delegated to the Competition Committee.