“French player or Modric should win the Balon d’Or”


Olivier Giroud has not discussed the importance of FIFA’s Best Player Award but has said a French player or Luka Modric should win the Ballon d’Or.


FIFA has revealed three top candidates for the Best Player Award on Monday, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah and Luka Modric.

“I’m only interested in the Ballon d’Or,” Olivier told Le Parisien.

“The Golden Ball must be awarded to Frenchman or Modric”. If I had the chance to vote, I would know who I would vote, but I will not tell who. ”

Asked about the form of Kylian Mbappes he said, “He is wonderful with his talent and maturity.”

“At his age, I have not met anyone like him. This has not happened since Thierry Henry, “said Chelsea striker.