Pogba: I wanted to talk only on the field


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has announced that he has not done anything extraordinary with his hair style during the World Cup tournament, as he wanted his performances to get the attention, not the hair.

Pogba is often criticized for his hair style, extravagant outfits, and his dancing. Liverpool legend Graeme Souness, last season, criticized Pogba saying he cares more about his hair style than the game.

Pogba was not critized during Russia’s World Cup tournament. During this tournament, he was one of France’s most important players on the road to winning the trophy.


“Hair style does not stop you, the media, to talk, but I did not do anything with the hair, to not draw attention . I did not want to hear excuses for my hair style, “Pogba said.

“We will be focused. We will talk about football, talk about the field and talk about my performances. ”

“People say I’m the leader. I will never say this, since I have to testify in the field. “