Asensio: I do not want to finish my career with number 20

Real Madrid star, Marco Asensio, is very ambitious and has revealed that he does not want to finish his career with the number 20.

Asensio is considered as the future of Real Madrid and Spain’s national team, but now he believes he has come to a very important stage of his career and has to perform well in the field.

“I would not like to finish my career with the shirt number 20. Would I like to change it? Yes, but we will see what will happen, “Asensio said.

“With or without Cristiano, I have the same goal to be part of the first team and be an important player for the team. So far, everything has gone well, I started the season well and I’m working hard. ”

In social networks, Asensio uses the user with the number ten, the number that now is owned by Luka Modric. Although this summer, after Ronaldo’s departure, the number seven was free, Asensio din’t want that number, mabye he is waiting for Luka Modric to leave the club and take the number 10.