Postponed matches may cause problems to Real Madrid for title race.

One point more, two games less, would this help Real Madrid?
Despite that Real Madrid remains the leader with one point more than rivals, two postponed games may cause problems to Los Blancos for the La Liga title race, that is missing since 2012.

Real Madrid already had a game postponed against Valancia, which was postponed from December because Real Madrid played in the World Cup for clubs and there was no need for another.

Real Madrid did not play this weekend against Celta Vigo and now Real Madrid has two games less played according to some reports this can negatively impact for the European champions.

Victories over Valencia and Celta Vigo would give Real Madrid seven difference ahead of Barcelona, ​​of course, if Real win these two games – which are not easy to win.

The match at the Mestalla is already scheduled, it will be played on February 22 in, when Champions League games will be played, but Real Madrid will not play in that week they will play against Napoli on February 15. After this game they will hos the game against Espanyol, and just after Valencia game on February 26 Madrid will travel to another difficult stadium in Villarreal.

While according to Spanish media, the match against Celta Vigo is likely not to be played until April or May and is expected to be seen whether the delayed matches will be in favor for Real Madrid or will make things difficult for title race and also for Champions League qualifications .