The times when Sergio Ramos didn’t bite his tongue


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is known for his straightforward character and his eagerness to respond to comments concerning himself or Los Blancos.

His message towards Antoine Griezmann was just the latest in a series of reactions over the last few years.

Here, we take a look at the times when he didn’t bite his tongue.

On Griezmann’s belief he should win the 2018 Ballon d’Or

“His ignorance is very bold,” Ramos said.

“When I listen to this guy talk I remember [Francesco] Totti, Xavi, Raul, [Andres] Iniesta, Iker [Casillas], players who have many titles and they don’t have a Ballon d’Or.”

On Ronaldo saying he feels Juventus is more of a family than Real Madrid

“We have always felt like a family here,” Ramos said.

“The club is above all the players, even emblematic players like him.

“Real Madrid won’t stop winning.”

On Jurgen Klopp saying Ramos is often involved in controversial incidents

“He wants to justify not winning the [2018 Champions League] final, but it is not the first he lost,” Ramos said.

“But it’s alright.”

On Diego Maradona saying Ramos isn’t a top player, and that Diego Godin is

“Maradona was a super player, but in Argentina they know that he is light years behind the best Argentine player in history, who for me is Lionel Messi,” Ramos said”


On Gerard Pique’s response to refereeing controversy in Real Madrid vs Bayern in 2017

“Let him rewind and put on the Paris Saint-Germain game to see if he thinks the same thing,” Ramos said.

On Dani Alves suggesting Ramos turned his back on Sevilla

“Dani Alves loves Brazil one year, another year Spain, the following year Italy,” Ramos said.

“I have nothing to say, as the feelings can’t be measured.

“You are born a Sevilla fan and this won’t change no matter what.”

On Jose Mourinho pointing out Ramos hadn’t played a Champions League quarter-final before his arrival

“What he says it’s true, as when he arrived we started going through the quarter-finals and now we have three Champions League titles,” Ramos said.”

On Juanfran saying Atletico ruled the capital

“We’re going to sing a song, because sometimes some people forget,” Ramos said.

“Let all the Indios [a nickname for Atletico fans] know who’s in charge in the capital.”