Cristiano Ronaldo feels persecuted by UEFA after dismissal


Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo wept with rage at the Estadio Mestalla after his red card for clashing with Valencia defender Jeison Murillo and now blames UEFA for feeling like a victim.

The Portuguese rushed to the German referee to understand his send-off, an action that he considered did not deserve such a harsh punishment.

At the time, his Juventus teammates also reacted to the referee’s decision.

This just goes to show how much things have changed since he departed Real Madrid.

The change, of course, began in Monaco when Ronaldo discovered three hours before the start of the UEFA gala that he was not chosen as the best player by UEFA.

He considered it strange because he believed he was the winner.

The send-off in Juventus’ debut Champions League match this season has brought some suspicions to the Juventus players, who have yet to understand the referee’s decision.

Some of his teammates believe it is revenge by UEFA for his absence at the gala in Monaco; however, that is far from reality the more you examine the play and the direct decision of the assistant referee.


FIFA maintain the Portuguese striker will travel to London for the Italian side’s match against Manchester United, yet they do not dare to officially confirm it.

They know that Ronaldo is upset with everything that is happening and they believe he is a victim.

At Real, they are ignoring all that is happening, something that has not come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, everyone sees ‘the Ronaldo phenomenon’ in their own way.

For example, Casemiro recently revealed to Movistar that the prizes should be for Ronaldo rather than for his Croatian partner Modric.