“Vinicius must leave Real Madrid”


Former Real Madrid midfielder Miguel Salgado believes the young player of the club, Vinicius, has to leave and find a new club where less pressure is needed to develop as much as possible.

According to Salgado, Vinicius, who moved to Real Madrid for 45m euros during the summer transfer window, should be transferred as a loan player to another club. That’s because he has not achieved so far to become part of the project of the new coach Julen Lopetegui.

While the 18-year-old has managed to show his talent for Real Madrid Castilla, he was called for the first time in the match against Espanyol, where Real Madrid won with a 1-0 result. Despite his potential, Vinicius is not part of Lopetegu’s plans, who prefers Mariano Diaz, who scored the first goal against Roma in the Champions League.

Salgado fears his high transfer price could negatively affect former Flamengo player due to the great pressure he has on himself. He believes, therefore, that leaving Real Madrid would be the best choice for the Brazilian.


“We have to think about what to do now with him. There is pressure on the coach and the player. They have to stay calm now and expect a good opportunity, “Salgado said.

“Maybe he should look for another good team in Spain, where he can play without pressure and for more minutes. Pressure is not good for new players and in Real Madrid he has a lot of pressure. ”

“Real Madrid is not like other teams, it is a team that has a lot of pressure. The boy cost € 45m although no one knew him. ”

“So far, he has played well for the second team, where he has shown more talent than others. He has a wonderful dribble, especially in terms of speed. There is no doubt that he is a very good investment for the future. ”