Barcelona’s plans: A full-back in winter, a central defender in summer


The decision was already made and has nothing to do with the result of this past Wednesday in which Ernesto Valverde‘s team lost in the Estadio ButarqueBarcelona will reinforce the defensive line in the next transfer markets.

Defensive errors were as key there as in the previous league match against Gironaat the Camp Nou.

The club wants to reinforce two positions: the left-back and the centre of the defence, and the first demarcation is the most urgent because at this moment Jordi Alba has no natural substitute in the squad.

When he’s not there, Valverde has to look for imaginative solutions as happened in Leganes, placing Vermaelen, a central defender, on the left wing.

Other options are to place Semedo or Sergi Roberto there, whilst Valverde could choose between Cucurella and Miranda, although the coach was always in favour of looking for a more experienced footballer.

And still is now.

In summer, the coach chose Miranda and allowed the transfer of Cucurella, who was already at Barcelona B, to Eibar.

However, everything indicates that the first option will be temporary because at this moment the idea from the club is to sign a player for the next window.

The market is being combed in search of a player for this demarcation.

Miranda is a football player with a great future, but he is still very young and Valverde, who likes to risk little, doesn’t want to play him.

Neither the team nor Miranda himself, want him to be the subject of excessive pressure.

The other position that the club wants to reinforce is at centre-back.


There’s an idea to look for a right-back who can play centrally as Pique‘s replacement and that, at the same time, serves to exert some pressure on the centre-back who at the moment is very comfortable in a position where his replacement is a left-footed centre-back.

And we must not forget Pique‘s age; next season he will be 32 years old.

Although he has left the national team and that means an extra dose of rest, he’s a player who will need a replacement who is just as good, and they’re hard to find.

At this moment, Barcelona have three left-footed centre-backs and one right full-back, which is why Pique has played every minute so far without entering any kind of rotation.

The idea is that the reinforcements will arrive next summer.

Thomas Vermaelen would leave because his contract expires next June and, at this moment, there is no intention to renew the commitment of the Belgian defender who is already 32 years old.