Qatar with enormous spendings for World Cup 2022

It is facing constant criticism for the return of slavery workers who are building stadiums, roads and airports for the World Cup, but despite that whole problem winning the rights to host FIFA World Cup 2022 is more important for them and it looks like Qatar wants to impress the world.
Earnings coming from oil are invested for stadiums and other things, it is reported that they spend 500 million dollars a week.

Stadiums considered “State of the Art”, new ports and railways in the middle of nowhere, all of this investments only to be ready for the most important sporting event. Exaggerated spending’s are reported every month by economic journals, Qatar is expected to invest  $ 200 billion until the football the first FIFA World Cup 2022 match.

This amount is 18 times higher than the amount of money Brazil spent for the World Cup 2014,  and 19 times more than the spending that Russia will make for the World Cup that will start next year.

“Qatar 2022” tournament will be the most expensive ever, 90% of contracts are finalized for the upcoming projects. Although there is still 5 and a half years time, Asian kingdom wants to be ready on time to avoid problems with deadlines like Brazil had.