This is the company that works to get “El Classico” in USA!

“Relevant Sport” is the name of the company that has started preparation for a big event in USA, they want to organize the “El Classico” match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in Miami, Florida.

But who is “Relevant Sport” what are they doing and what is their interest?

The company is held in New York, USA, and is not anonymous on the football world. Probably you have heard of International Champions Cup that every summer is organized in United States of America between the best teams in the world like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham and many other teams. So this is a Cup that has become tradition for the clubs that use the test period before the official leagues start with matches.

And now, the final intention of “Relevant Sport” is to offer to USA football fans the emotion of the most watched football match, the so called “El Classico”.

According to the information that 9Sport already published this company has started preparation and is already negotiating with both clubs so they can play a friendly match in Miami, Florida.

“Relevant Sport” has stated on their website that they provide an innovative approach to building a soccer presence in USA and around the globe.