Unbelievable: What Ronaldo said to United players when he first entered the dressing room

August 16, 2003 was a day of much tension. Man United was ahead of Bolton with just one goal – and knowing that only 29 minutes left, Sir Alex Ferguson knew he had to do something.
He looked at the reserve bench, and saw a 12.2m player who joined from Sporting Lisobn was expecting to enter the field.

From that day, a star was born. Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut at Old Trafford was the beginning of his incredible journey to world soccer leagues.

This 18-year-old introduced himself as no other player and his presentation in the dress room before his iconic debut at Old Trafford describes it in the most perfect possible way.

Former comrade Quinton Fortune has shown details of the moment when CR7 entered the Manchester United dress room for the first time.

“Ronaldo came with so much confidence, it was unbelievable. He entered the dressing room and immediately told everyone that he was the best. Not in perfect English but can understand what he was saying, “he said in an interview with The Guardian.

“That put him above other young players and this was proved with his work ethic and ability. Even at that age he wanted to be the best in everything. If you did something in the workout, he practiced it and came back and did it again. “