The city of Manchester and Ronaldo’s carbonara

Cristiano Ronaldo landed at the Manchester International Airport in the summer or 2003, as an extremely talented 18-year-old coming from Lisbon, where he started to astonish the whole Europe of football playing with Sporting side. He left the city, that took the name from the Latin Mamucium (breast-shaped hill), in 2009 after having won his first Champions League and the first Ballon d’Or of his incredible career.

In the middle, there have been lot of houses, friends and places to be remembered about his life in Manchester.

As reported today by Tuttosport, Ronaldo lived in two different houses during his staying at United: the first one was in Wilmslow, then he moved to Alderney Edge, on the hills.

Among his teammates, the favourites by Ronaldo to spend his time with were Quinton Fortune and Gabriel Heinze. But he appreciated much even to be with Valter Di Salvo, the Italian athletic trainer of the club that he will find again at Real Madrid.

“Don’t let Cristiano invite you at lunch, because then you will come back home already hungry”: this is what his former teammate Patrice Evra revealed recently in an interview. Despite being a maniac of the diet, even Cristiano Ronaldo had his favorite restaurant in Manchester. As revealed on the newspaper, when he wanted to take some whim, he used to choose the San Carlo restaurant, owned by the Italian 74 years-old Carlo Di Stefano. His favorite dishes? Penne carbonara, veal Milanese and Spaghetti with basel and tomato sauce.