Isco: Real Madrid ‘cannot cry’ about Cristiano Ronaldo


Real Madrid ‘cannot cry’ about Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave the club and have ‘plenty of goalscoring options’, Isco has reiterated.
With just one goal in their last five matches, many linked the €100m sale of the Portuguese star to the current attacking problems at the European champions, but Isco has dismissed this idea.
“You guys (the press) have been asking about this all season although I have not yet had the chance to comment on it,” Isco told reporters on Monday.
“We should not be talking about someone who is not here, there is no point talking about players who are not at the club.
“I miss (Gareth) Bale when he is injured and (Dani) Carvajal when he is not playing, but that is different because they are players at the club.
“We have players in this squad who are capable of scoring goals, of creating goals and we cannot cry about someone who is not here and did not want to be here.”