Leonardo reveals what is going wrong with AC Milan


AC Milan sporting director Leonardo has revealed what the current side lacks and why they they aren’t as good as they should be.

The rossoneri sustained a 2-1 defeat to Real Betis in the UEFA Europa League, days after their 1-0 loss to rivals Inter in the Serie A. They are currently 12th in the league, with a game in hand over the other teams but their start to the season has been disappointing.


Milan sporting director Leonardo was recently talking to Sky Sports about what is wrong with the side and what needs to be improved.

He said: “It is a team that has things to improve and that still lacks certainties. It also needs results and composure.

“Even for Gattuso, he has to find other solutions: there are ups and downs, the idea is to reach a consistency as fast as possible. We have a whole season ahead of us.”

On their relationship with Gattuso, Leonardo said: “We are used to it, it is normal that there are all these things around Milan. We have our ideas, with him there is a continuous discussion. ”