Pogba brother clash!

Maybe we don’t know much about Paul Pogba’s brothers, but one of them is also professional player. He plays for the French team of St.Etienne. He is older than Paul and his name is Florentin Pogba, and he play on the defensive line. Since the draw in Europa League is made and Manchester United will play with St.Etienne the older Pogba says that he has they have exchanged messages and making jokes regarding this match.

As Florentin Pogba says “We have dreamed as a family to play against each other, after we have played together as youths on our clubs”.

The other issue that can make Paul Pogba nervous is the fact that his older brother is not fan of Manchester United, but to their main competitors, Arsenal.

He admits that there have been interests from top clubs in Premier League but nothing has been concrete so far, as he hopes that next summer can accept an offer to join Premier League.