Cristiano Ronaldo-Juventus, unbelievable information confirmed!

Long time ago some media wrote that Cristiano Ronaldo was very near to sign for Juventus. Now this information is confirmed by Gianni Di Marzio, former Juventus CEO. During the 2002 when Di Marzio was Director of Juventus, the club had contacts with Sporting Lisabon and in that time Cristiano Ronaldo was offered as part of swap deal between Marcelo Salas of Juventus and the young Portuguese.

According to Di Marzio this deal didn’t go through only because Salas didn’t accept to transfer to Sporting Lisabon. In that period Cristiano Ronaldo had played only three matches for Sporting Lisabon and after that he joined Manchester United where he shinned and from there on record transfer fee he joined Real Madrid where he plays at the moment.