“I brought Ronaldo in Torino”

Where would Ronaldi be today if  he was transferred to Juventus in 2002?
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, was close to join Juventus in 2002, before joining Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Former Juventus sporting director Gianni Di Marzio, spoke again about the event that happened years ago, showing the real reason why Ronaldo did not signed with the Old Lady.

According to Di Marzio, Salas was the main problem, who refused to leave Juve and join Sporting.

“I told my club in 2002 I saw someone that would be the best player in the world, after Maradona”, said Di Marzio.

“I brought Cristiano in Turin in 2002 to sign with Juventus, but Salas refused. For just a few euros, Salas refused to leave Juventus and Juventus lost Cristiano, “said the former Juventus sporting director Gianni Di Marzio.