Unhappy players in Real Madrid, Zidan has a plan for that!

There are unhappy player in Real Madrid because of the short time that they get as space to play in the pitch. Especially two players have shown this behavior in the last couple of weeks. One of them is Alvaro Morata and the other one is Isco. Both player have shown good performance when they had chance to play from the first minute, but Zidan still keeps them as back up.

Isco played perfect match in last week win of Real Madrid when he also scored a goal but he didn’t got the chance to start the match against Napoli as everyone was expecting.

Alvaro Morata joined Real Madrid from Juventus and he still can’t get first team place while Benzema is still the key striker in the club.

Because of this reasons Zidane is thinking to give some more space to this two players especially in match in La Liga just to keep them happy and to convince not to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season.

For Isco there is interest from Manchester United in Premier League and also Milan in Italy, while for Morata the main interest is by his former coach Antonio Conte that wants the player in Chelsea.