Zidane “sent” love to Isco!

The tensions inside Real Madrid regarding Isco have become a real problem for the atmosphere of the club. It’s true that Isco has stated that he wants more time to play and is sure that he can contribute for the team, while also Zidane tries to calm down the situation.

Isco is one of Zidane’s favorites but at the moment he can’t make any change to the first team formation. Anyway, Zidane has told to the media that he loves Isco.

‘A player could play 25-26 games in a row and then not play. You could ask him and I’m sure he’d say he’s not happy. I want my players to be ready for when that chance arrives. I’m going to keep doing this until the end of the season. I’m not going to change. Isco knows I love him.’-told Zidane to the media.

The Isco “case” will be active as far as he don’t sign the offered contract by Real Madrid or accepts to transfer in other club!