9sport: What is happening with Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has not started 2017 as they wanted to.
In the first two months of this year, Real Madrid has lost three games.

Real Madrid had only lost two games last year (12 months), and this is not good signal for Zidane who should bring some changes on the team.

Real Madrid fans are not really happy when they see Alvaro Morata on the bench and see Benzema as a starter who is not performing really well recently, while Alvaro Morata also scored in the last match that he played as a starter but this was not enough to change Zidane mind. Morata was also benched in the lost match against Valencia. Benzema played 90 minutes and did not score.

“Real Madrid have lost more games in 2017 (3) , while they only lost 2 matches last year”, 9sport.