Barca stars donate 1% of salary to former players & charitable causes every year


One percent of FC Barcelona’s first-team players’ salaries goes to helping former players or to various charitable causes every year, according to a new article by Andy Mitten.

Half a percent goes to supporting over 1,000 former players – male and female, who played at various levels – and the other 0.5% goes to the Barça Foundation.

The Association of Former Barcelona Players only survives to this day because of the money raised through the salaries of the current players. Some of the more recent members, such as Xavi, may not need the money as much. But to others, who were less famous or who played at a time when the game was not so flush with cash, it makes quite a big difference. Some have needed the association to help pay for an operation or a mortgage.

But the association does more than give money:

Instead, they can receive other types of support – from access to educational classes or a dedicated job seeker who comes in the office three times a week and tries to match their CVS.


”There are English classes and English classes with an emphasis on football for those who want to go on being involved in football in some capacity,” Ramos explained. “And the Association has really come to the help of those who have suffered bad luck, who have no work, who have fallen on economic hardship or have bad health.”re recent

The other 0.5% of the players’ salaries goes to the team’s foundation. According to Barcelona, over a million children around the world have received aid from a Barca foundation program. Some key programs being undertaken now are its anti-bullying program, its refugee program, and its diversity program. You can read more about it here.