Italian media save only Ronaldo, Can & Szczesny as Allegri slammed for Juve exit

Yesterday evening Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League by Ajax, who deservedly advanced to the semi-finals. The Bianconeri couldn’t keep up with their pace, and today’s newspaper are right to not go light on the players.

Seven, in particular, have been heavily criticised by the papers, with the first one being Max Allegri, who according to the papers was the worst.

Winger Bernardeschi didn’t get off easy either, being invisible for most of the time last night, and being labelled as the worst player.

In addition to those two, the two central defenders are absolutely not spared, while little glory comes for Cancelo: he should have changed game, but ended up being swallowed up by the Ajax defence.

Only Emre Can and Szczesny are good: the goalkeeper, above all, is the only one who deserves full credit for last night. Even though he isn’t in the gallery, Ronaldo was also spared the blushed by the papers.